Journal of Central Banking Law and Institutions (JCLI) is an international peer-reviewed journal. ​​JCLI publishes triannually. JCLI focuses on a range of topics examining the intersection of central banking law and institutions on monetary, financial system, and payment systems that include regulations, governance (transparency & accountability), credibility, institutional politics, institutional arrangements, and institutional communication. 

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023)

Devising Indonesian Legal Architecture on Metaverse Banking: Challenges and Opportunities
    Kristianus Jimy Pratama

Going Digital Rupiah: Some Considerations from Sovereignty, Cybersecurity and
Resilience Perspective

    Zahrashafa Putri Mahardika, Rizky Banyualam Permana, Nadia Maulisaa

COVID-19 Populism Challenges and China’s Financial Law Responses: Three Emerging Case

    Wei Shen, Carrie Shu Shang, Li Fang

Central Bank’s Policy Justification In Mitigating Climate Change
     Muchammad Chanif Chamdani, Bramanda Sajiwo Santoso

Legal Aspects Of Central Bank’s Green Finance Instruments In Indonesia: An Overview
    Ratu Silfa Addiba Nursahla, Nismara Paramayoga, Muhammad Anas Fadli, Muhammad Pravest

Central Bank Digital Currencies in the Indonesian
    David K Linnan

Legal Analysis on Presidential Regulation on Carbon
    Linda Yanti Sulistiawati, Louie Buana


Published: 2023-02-01

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