CBDC under the State Theory of Money: A Preliminary Legal Analysis
"Author : Fransiska Ari Indrawati"

The Presence of Commercial Banks in Metaverse’s Financial Ecosystem: Opportunities and Risks
"Author : M. Raffi Hasta Anggara, M. Reihan Davie, Mahanani Margani, Made Ayu Aristyana D, and Mahdiah Aulia"

Digital Constitutionalism Era In The Development Of Banking Law In Indonesia
"Author : Nalom Kurniawan and Mery Christian Putri"

Constitutional Law Perspective on the Philosophy of Money, Bitcoin, and Property Rights
"Author : M. Pasha Nur Fauzan and Muhammad Yoppy A"

Central Bank Independency and Policy Outcomes: The Cross Countries Comparison
"Author : Muhamad Iksan and Tetsu Konishi"

Design and Legal Aspect of Central Bank Digital Currency: A Literature Review
"Author : Fitri Handayani and Fatma Yuliana"

Regulating Initial Coin Offering amidst the Development of Crypto Assets in Indonesia
"Author : Alexander Harryandi, Fira Natasha and Muhammad Akbar"

Published: 2022-09-08